On April 19, 1995, around 9:03 a.m., after parents dropped their children off at the day care at the Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City a massive bomb inside a
rental truck exploded, blowing up half of the nine-story building. 168 people were dead including children.  
In the ruins lies the tears it holds
Touched by hands that worked all night
As I watch my heart is torn apart
I see Oklahoma hold on tight
I saw that child
Trembling in fear
She was bloody burnt and wild
Holding onto anyone

Holding on to love is best
Helping those who are hurt or lost
For we are living this evil still
With broken hearts and challenged wills
Justice...Stop this hatred Waco instilled
The Beast, he will not win

In the minutes and the days to come
And the years they will hurt still
I swear I won't forget the suffering here
I know they never will
Jesus... comfort me
I saw Oklahoma cry
She was searching through the ruins
Still.....For more lives

Jesus...comfort her, I saw her cry
She was running through the streets
Searching for her child.                            
I can't believe it, Oklahoma     
All this hatred fell on you
In the quiet hush of morning rush             
Evil blasted through   
Jesus, Comfort her
I saw her cry
She was running through the streets
Searching for her child

All the lives hurt, all the children  
All swept up by design
Sleeping angels in the clouds this night
Cradled in His arms
I saw that child
Lying limp in his arms
And I saw that man's heart
Winding down

Now we look for reasons why
Our hearts will ask
We cannot reply
For we have seen this evil now
With the will to kill and eyes that prowl
You think it's quiet for the Heartland now
The storm has just begun
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